Multifunctional cooking machine Elmich BLE-1850

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Technical data:

Model BLE-1850
Code 4021850
Voltage 220-240VAC / 50Hz
Motor power 1000W
Heating capacity 700W - 900W
Volume 1750ml
Product structure Removable glass jar
Control Electronic
Material mortar High grade glass
Weight 7kg
Guarantee 25 months

Salient features of the product:

- A multifunction blender, automatic boiling. With the ability to both grind and heat can process a variety of dishes with a single machine.

- Safe for health with glass mortar.

- Extremely powerful engine with a capacity of 1000W creates a force to match the speed of 32000r / min. At high speed the machine breaks down the food cell wall quickly releasing all nutrients easily.

- A multi-functional product with many dishes such as making smoothies, cooking food, making soymilk, corn milk, soups, baby porridge ....

- Special blade structure with stainless steel material, 6 blades with sharp teeth ensure smashing every food.

- Easy to clean with automatic function on the machine.

- 25 month warranty

ModelBLE - 1850
Voltage230V, 50Hz
Engine power1000 W
Heating power700 - 900 W
Volume1750 ml
Weight7 kg