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Stainless steel material good heat transfer, fuel saving

The non-stick pan of Elmich Red Velvet EL3251
is made of stainless steel with heat resistance, fast heat transfer and long heat retention, maximum savings of used fuel, no localized heat phenomenon, minimizing food burning, keeping the same. With vitamins and minerals in stir-fried dishes to bring delicious taste and tonic for loved ones.

Anti-stick layer without toxic substances, safe for health

The pan is selected by a non-stick coating, which is characterized by high heat resistance, food friendliness, good adhesion resistance, easy cooking and hygiene, ensuring safety for the health of users.

Rugged construction, convenient use on all types of kitchen

Seasoned bottom is used on all types of stoves, including magnetic cookers, bringing convenience in the kitchen. The handle is riveted firmly and covered with heat-resistant silicone insulation, helping users to operate more easily and safely.

Origin: Czech Republic

Note when using

- Should choose a pot / pan thick from 3 bottoms or more. Cooker / pan for induction hob should choose a pot with a flat bottom and the bottom of the pot / pan should not be too small to increase the contact area between the cooker and cooktop to increase cooking efficiency and help save energy.
- Should use pots / pans with a diameter of 10 cm - 26 cm, the stove will give high heat transfer efficiency and less heat loss.
- The pan / pan may not be compatible with the induction hob if the pot / pan diameter is larger than the magnetic ring diameter on the hob.
- Pot / pan has a magnetic bottom, less contact with the surface of the induction hob, may reduce compatibility with the stove.
ModelEL - 3249
Dimensions20 cm