Combo thermos bottle and sports water bottle

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1. Product characteristics of sports water bottles:

Capacity: 750ml

Size: 24cm x 7.5cm (Height x Diameter)

Salient features:

- Made of tritan plastic with good heat resistance, high strength and very light, safe for user health

- Does not contain additives and BPA (Bisphenol A) - toxic chemicals cause cancer

- Strong design, sporty style

- Products meet European quality standards

2. Product features of thermos flasks:
Capacity: 500 ml

Salient features:

- High quality 304 stainless steel material, durable, beautiful helps keep heat long and safe to use.

- Store the complete flavor, nutrition, vitamins, .. of fruit juice, smoothies or any other drinks.

- Sports design, easy to handle, mount on bicycle or put into backpacks, bags; cap with hook to hook into your hand or tools, utensils ...

- The lid opens easily, it only takes a slight lever when opening or completely removing the lid when you want to pour water.

- The product is certified for safety according to European standards